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2Checkout in Xenium

Xenium partnered with 2Checkout to bring you a proven, trusted and global payment solution.

Grow your business globally

Building and growing a business is often hard to achieve. Growing a business that can sell around the world is even more difficult.

2Checkout and Xenium will together give you the tools to maximize conversions by adapting to local languages, currencies and payment methods.

Reach customers in 196 countries by also covering 26 currencies and accepting Credit Cards, PayPal and Debit Cards.

Secure transactions

Personal data is sacred and customers are always concerned when checking out online. 2Checkout's PCI Level 1 Compliance is the highest level in the industry and protects you and your customers from online threats.

With 2Checkout you and your clients are secure because of a n aggressive Fraud Prevention program.

Maintain loyal customers with recurring billing

2Checkout's recurring billing optimizes your checkout experience and grows customer retention on your membership or subscription based website.

Unlimited options

Whether you'll have a shopping cart, subscription or membership based website, 2Checkout and Xenium will cover you and help expand and globalise your business.

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