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Hello World!

This is a Hello World from Xenium, the new upcoming CMS platform which purpose is to offer business and website owners the functionality they need and at the same time being easy and managable for developers and nice and respectful to designers and their work of art.

Welcome to Xenium blog and Xenium homepage which are run by Xenium itself, so you can already see it in action.

To everyone looking for news about Xenium - this is the place. Here you will find everything referring to it: news, descriptions, researches, progress, videos and tutorials.

Currently Xenium is still under heavy development, but the progress is quite fast, so I'm looking forward on releasing it as Open Source as soon as possible. In the meantime I will also create some short videos and presentations of this upcoming platform to show you its capabilities and advantages.

More news coming soon, so stay tuned ;)

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My speaciality is research, learning about the needs, problems and demands of the world of internet and making solutions as an answer to them. Always asking myself questions that nobody ever did or dared before and enjoying the thrill of developing something new. In a few short words, my speciality is making the impossible possible.