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Why releasing Xenium as Open Source?

Many asked me this question and the answer is really easy for me. The basic idea of Xenium is to spread amongst people and to be expanded even by others by creating modules, plugins, themes or other extensions. And this kind of growth is possible only in Open Source.

Xenium is really extensible in nature and the people using it will have many options to extend to their or some other's needs by creating modules, plugins for modules, themes or some other extensions.

So although Xenium will have much of functionality on its own and already built-in, the purpose and main idea of it is to grow more and more by bringing functionality even from other website owners, designers or developers. Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to Xenium platform by writing their own extensions. Whether this extension will be free or for purchase it will definetly be up to the developer or company releasing it. Also, as a creator / founder I would really like to see other ideas come to life and what else can there be done and this way building up a community.

The fact that Open Source also means that Xenium will be free for everyone and every purpose is also a great factor in building a community. Everyone will be able to download, install it and use it either for commercial or non-commercial purpose.

I am aware that even if Xenium will be free and Open Source, this won't be enough. This is why I'm focusing on features never seen before in a CMS, ease of use and transparency. Some descriptions of these features you can already see on our website.

There are also presentation and usage videos coming soon (the first one should be released this week).

I hope you've enjoyed this post, stay tuned or follow us for more.

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