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Xenium CMS will be presented at this year's The Summit Dublin

The Summit Dublin is known as the best technology conference on the planet and I am pleased to announce, that Xenium CMS has been chosen as an alpha start-up to be part of it and got the opportunity to be presented to the world's leading investors this year in november.

The Summit is a one of a kind yearly event that is hosted in Dublin and brings together thousands of startups and investors from all over the world.

By being a part of the Alpha program I've been given a chance to showcase and present the Xenium platform to the world's leading investors.

It will also be very interesting to see other startups from all over globe and this way see the world tech evolution at this one unique event.

This is truly a big step for Xenium project in its start-up venture. Preparations of Xenium presentation for this year's The Summit Dublin are already in full swing.

You can follow us via Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn to get and stay on top of the latest news about Xenium, its features and advantages and its preparations for The Summit Dublin.

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