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Xenium partnered with Box

Xenium is joining forces with Box, one of the largest and world's leading cloud storage and sharing providers.

Ever wanted to host your website's images or other files of your website on Box? Or just to easily access all your website's files later from your desktop, tablet or phone and share them with others?
With the features provided to you by the partnership collaboration between Box and Xenium you'll be able to do just that and much more.

Host your website's images and files on Box

By choosing Box as your cloud storage provider in Xenium, you, as the CMS user, will have the ability to store all the website's images and uploaded files to your Box account.

You will also be able to share your files with other users or access your content anywhere you might need it: web, tablet or phone.

Ease of use? Let Xenium take care of that

With Xenium's easy to use interface, uploading files will be as simple as drag&drop. The files will be neatly organised, so you'll know where to find them in case you'll be searching for them later on your Box cloud storage.

Xenium will also take care of other advanced functionality, such as cropping and storing of image files, connection, direct upload and info response, downloads, caching to increase the loading speed, upgrading of your Box account and much more...

The benefits

With the free plan, provided by Box, you as the Xenium CMS user will benefit on the following:

  • 10 GB for free
    You get 10 GB of free cloud sorage when you sign up for a Box account

  • Ease of use
    Don't worry about the upload complexity of uploading and file organisation, you just drag and drop your files and Xenium will take care of that for you

  • Your files Everywhere
    Sync your files to your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, view them elsewhere on the web, in short... your files can be anywhere you are

  • Share with ease
    Easily share files with friends, family and coworkers

  • Work with others
    You can invite others to your folders so they can upload, edit and download files

Easy to upgrade

Exceeded your free plan or you just need more? Xenium will take care of that too. With just a few clicks you'll be able to upgrade your account to a desired plan for your website.

If unsure of what plan would be more suitable for you, the Xenium's support will always be at your disposal.

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